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Class Schedule

Skating Class Certificates available now for only $89.00

Registration Now Open For Semester starting April 14 to 20
7 Week Session, $89

Skating Lesson Brochure

Any Schedule Changes will be posted in the Calendar

 Please call the rink at 503-288-6073 to sign up for any classes.  Online ordering is no longer avilable.

Class Schedule 1/6 to 2/23


Class Prices

7 Week Session – $89.00

2nd Class Same Session – $68.00

(for students taking 2 or more classes per session)


If you are just starting out with lessons, we recommend you sign up for one of our beginning classes, depending on your age. If you are 3-5 years old, we offer a Snowbunnies class. If you are 6-adult we offer an Introductory class. If you are an adult and would prefer the company of adults only during your lessons we offer an adult Introductory class on Monday evenings at 7:00pm.

What to Expect….

  • Most students need a minimum of two 7 week sessions to pass a level
  • In addition to group classes, students may need private lessons to learn essential skills
  • Practice, Practice, Practice!! Use your Student ID card
  • Come to class a little early so you have time to warm up off ice.


  • Admission to all Public Sessions
    (Skate Rental included on lesson days)
  • Free admission through Holiday breaks
  • Skate Rental is FREE during your lesson and on all public sessions on the day of your lesson
  • 3 free admission guest passes to bring a friend skating during public session.
    (Skate Rental not included)
  • Report cards and Certificate of Participation upon completion of class.
  • Opportunities to participate in Shows and Competitions through out the year.


Public Sessions Today